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My best friend and I put our past serving, managerial, and planning experiences together to create Champagne Wishes in December of 2020. Big promotions, new opportunities led us to remain sisters and me lead planner and owner of this amazing company!

In the past I was a waitress for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, business meetings, farewell brunches, and more!  From serving canapés to cutting cakes, I did it all!

I gained my planning experience before Champagne Wishes from being a manager of a restaurant where I learned how to be the leader of a team, used proper communications to handle stressful moments, managed budgets, and accurately created schedules that benefitted a team.

I then took the leap to become a wedding planner because of the challenge to plan an event that is memorable for guests, family, friends, and the couple which is not an easy task. Having to look at different situations from all angles and analyze what could be if you do x, y, and z. This profession is a labor of love, which is why I love it!

My absolute favorite moment during a wedding is sending the bride/groom down the aisle, man or woman, holding the arm of their celebrated someone. I tear up every time, because to me the moment that they have been waiting for, planning for, has finally come true! I want to make that moment as grand and as memorable as I can for all of my clients; a true standing ovation.

I always told myself that my purpose in life was to help make people happy. I am so thankful I am able to do that every day.


I get out of bed each day looking forward to making the challenges of planning a memorable event easy for my clients, because everyone has enough stress in their every day lives. I became a wedding planner to make my clients best day be full of sunshine even if it’s raining. 

Champagne Wishes' focus and specialty is in event planning and coordination for both weddi
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